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  • - Working Modes: Operates in standalone mode.
  • - Unlocking Methods: Supports fingerprint, password, and ID card unlocking methods.
  • - Capacity: 2000 fingerprint, 1000 card, 1000 password. Storing up to 100000 attendance records.
  • - Installation: Wall-mounted for easy setup.
  • - Alarm Functions: Includes features for anti-tamper, illegal door opening, and door not closed properly.
  • - Doorbell Integration: Supports external wired doorbells.
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Working Modes standalone
Unlocking Methods fingerprint, password, ID card
Appearance Size 106x106x34mm
Package Size 213x135x52mm
Net Weight 200g
Package Weight 300g
Admin Capacity 10
User Capacity 1000
Fingerprint Capacity 2000
Password Capacity 1000
Card Capacity 1000
Record Capacity 100000
Appearance Material ABS
Installation Method wall-mounted
Voice Assistant Yes
Button Yes
Attendance Speed 1s
False Recognition Rate 0.0001%
Fall-Proof withstand 3 times free fall from 1.2m height
IP Rating IP54
Working Temperature 0~45
Storage Temperature 0~50
Environment Light 1000LUX
Wiegand Format Wiegand 26/34
Communication Interface USB
Data Download flash drive
Flash Drive Supported Format FAT32
Alarm Functions anti-tamper, illegal door opening, door not closed
Doorbell external wired doorbell available

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