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  • - Versatile Unlocking: Offers M1 Card and Key options.
  • - Durable Build: Made from stainless steel for sturdiness and wear resistance.
  • - High Capacity: Stores 1000 cards, catering to various occupancy levels.
  • - Alarm Feature: Issues a low voltage alarm at 4.8V, ensuring timely battery replacement.
  • - Robust Performance: Tested for 300,000 cycles, ensuring a durable and reliable solution for hotel use.
  • - Integration: Seamlessly integrated with Trudian Hotel software.
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Unlock Method M1 Card, Key
Lock Dimension 249x68x16mm
Mortise 97x62mm
Material Stainless steel
Card Capacity 1000 cards
Battery 4pcs AA batteries
Working Voltage 4.5~9V
Static Current ≦84uA
Dynamic Current 200mA
Working Temperature -20~70
Button Capacitive touch buttons
Low Voltage Alarm 4.8V
Unlock Time 1.5 Second
Tested Service Life 300,000 times
Software TTHotel

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